Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Friends in Need (and Not in Need)

It's been years since I last wrote an article in this blog. I didn't have any plans of doing so, not until I've decided to make a new blog and visit the old one, and I thought that maybe I can write about how I feel right now (because that's the very purpose why I made this blog). So here's how it goes...

I have these set of old friends who are very close to me. Just recently, we or I mean I, scheduled a mini get together with them last weekend and so I asked one of them to organize the said event as to when and where we'll go, what we're gonna do, and to plan every detail of this thing for I may be a bit over compulsive at times.

On the very day of this get together is also the day that I knew that my friends won't make it. Of course I was very frustrated that things didn't went according to plan and felt unimportant that they did not even cared to exert effort on showing up even just for a while or informed me (that they couldn't come) ahead of time.

I was very angry and from there on I said to myself that I don't want to see them again or even call them up so that they may feel what I felt. I wanted to take revenge and show deep anger towards my friends.

But not until this one rainy afternoon when I was talking to God and thinking about what happened, I thought about my friends and how they are doing. One is worrying about her job, one is working hard investing for his future, one is busy looking for a job, one is trying to finish his task for survive the day in the company, and one is, I guess, thinking of getting a job. All of them are struggling in this one thing, to work and survive in this world.

They have this fair reason why they were busy these days which reminds me that I'm not getting younger anymore. That sooner or later we'll have less time for each other and more for our future. But life isn't about just existing. We are not born to study, get a job, get married, have children and then die. We have a much greater purpose why we are here on earth.

We are meant to live, enjoy what life has to offer, spend time with our love ones, and most of all to glorify the One who created us all.

Some people are too busy planning for the future that they tend to forget how to live in the present.

There is a far more reason why You and I are here on earth.

It may take some time for us to understand things in life. Whatever the reason may be, I chose to forgive them as Christ forgave us our sins. I don't have the right to judge them anyway. No, I tell you it's not easy to forgive if you still have this feeling of anger in your heart. But forgiveness is a choice and anger is just a feeling, it will soon fade away. They are my friends and it's easier to forget what they did than to look for a new one. They did not intended to hurt me anyway, it's just me feeling too emotional too.

Try to understand others first rather than be understood because the world is not created just for you. Can I not understand them for what they are prioritizing right now? I am their friend so I should support them and respect their decision. If emotions still keep on arising then pause for a while. As what people say, do not make decisions when you're mad. The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it? -Jeremiah 17:9 NIV

The greatest decisions in life are not made from the heart but from the wisdom given by God.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The iMums Go Mini! Win an iPad Mini

A new Apple iPad Mini 16G Wifi, iPad Mini Case, and an iTunes gift card to start your app library which totals over $400 will be given to you by The iMums just by simply joining their raffle here at www.theimum.com.

This new tech gadget can be used in many different ways. You can play, compose, and learn music in the new iPad Mini. Games and educational apps are availabe for kids. It's 16G wifi allows you to surf anytime, anywhere for a more convenient and accessible way. For college students like me, it can be used for making slides for our report presentation in school.

Contest mechanics are explained in the site above. I am not paid by making this post but was done for spreading the contest.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Man of My Dream

I saw a man... a man who is not familiar in my eyes. He was tall, dark, and handsome. Wait, it's me! I was a man in my dream! LOL. There were many men around me but that's not even possible. I am a hundred percent woman, or not? Just kidding. But that dream is true. What could that possibly mean? Oh well, I'm not even interested.

But wait, I had another dream. This time I was in my original form, a typical girl and was with someone unknown. We were having a date in a shopping mall in the northern part of Metro Manila ( I can't tell you the specific name of the mall ) and were about to grab some snack before we watch a movie. We were very sweet, having no problems around and looks good as a couple. What's even strange is that I can clearly see his face. I actually felt it when he held my hand as if it was really happening during that time. It was the first time I felt in-love in my dream where I can actually see and feel someone solidly. We ate popcorn, and not to forget, ice cream for it is my favorite. After that, we had a little conversation then we decided to part our ways. I went down the escalator leaving him on the top floor for some unidentified reason on why he let me go home alone. After a few minutes I had a feeling of going back where he was and so I did, I went back. I was startled to see him with another woman. How can a man ever do that to me? Then poof! I woke up. It didn't last that long but was very remarkable and somehow questionable to me.

At that point, I was in-love with a guy whom I don't know in real life but is perfectly alive in my dream. I can still remember him as I opened my eyes that morning and can still feel what I felt when I was with him. Am I going to see him again? Will we ever meet in real life or will he remain in my dreams forever?

Monday, May 7, 2012

FREE Glasses For Bloggers

     It was last year when I had an eye check-up and found out that I have dry eyes. Because of this, I have to wear glasses with anti-radiation lenses when using the computer and while travelling. That's why when I found an optical shop , Firmoo Optical,  that gives FREE glasses to bloggers, I sent them an e-mail immediately.

     The mechanics are not that hard. You just have to be a blogger and have a blog that has a lot of articles in it. You just have to put their link in your blog and they will send the glasses. Easy right? What's cool is that you can choose the design and color you want, either reading glasses or sunglasses. With it is an additional tool you can use in case you want to tighten up the screw of your glasses or replace it with a new one. All of these for free including shipping fee.

     To give you a review of Firmoo Optical, you can read their press release in this link: http://finance.yahoo.com/news/buy-eyeglasses-online-vision-fashion-130000194.html or visit Firmoo Optical at www.firmoo.com. 

 Above is a picture of me (center) wearing the glasses I've got from Firmoo Optical. I just got mine, it's your turn now. :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Call for Applicants for Young Journalists/Bloggers

The International Labour Organization will offer 5 young journalists/bloggers the opporunity to promote and cover the Youth Employment Forum, which will take place in Geneva from 23 to 25 of May 2012.

The selected journalists/bloggers will be invited to attend the ILO Youth Employment Forum, providing them with a unique opportunity to hear individual stories from over 100 young women and men from around the world who are active in the promotion in decent work for youth. For more info. visit http://www.ilo.org/employment/areas/youth-employment/WCMS_177265/lang--en/index.htm

-a repost from the National Youth Commission